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dc.contributor.authorCamino de Villa, José Andrés
dc.contributor.authorChiatchoua, Cesaire
dc.creatorCAMINO DE VILLA, JOSE ANDRES; 364848
dc.creatorCHIATCHOUA, CESAIRE; 281679
dc.identifier.citationCamino de Villa, J. A. y Chiatchoua, C. (2021). Employment trends on tertiary sector for Millennial Generation. Revista Internacional de Salarios Dignos, 3(2), 22-40.es_MX
dc.description.abstractThis article contains a compilation about employment trends in tertiary sector from Millennial Generation to reflect on labor market for young professionals in Mexico. A set of job profiles based on previous research in the topic will be analyzed, for this aim, using a mixed method involving ethnography and descriptive statistics. In addition, it is important to state a soft skills demand pattern for organizations in order to improve their employability, in contrast to those offered jobs which nowadays request hard skills on candidates. Finally, an enumeration of some tertiary activities classified according to National Occupation and Employment Survey (ENOE) and the National Institute for Social Security (IMSS) is done in order to contribute to a research field concerning Millennial Generation and employability in tertiary sector, especially for those Post-Graduate Scholarship Programs’ graduates abroad.es_MX
dc.publisherUniversidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocioses_MX
dc.rightsAcceso abiertoes_MX
dc.subjectLabor marketes_MX
dc.subjectTertiary sectores_MX
dc.subjectMillennial Generationes_MX
dc.subjectSoft skillses_MX
dc.subjectHard skillses_MX
dc.subject.classificationCiencias Sociales::Sociología::Sociología del trabajoes_MX
dc.subject.otherAdultos jóveneses_MX
dc.titleEmployment trends on tertiary sector for Millennial Generationes_MX

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