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    • Effect of the increase in the Minimum Wage on the employment level 

      Jimenez Bandala, Carlos Alberto; Peralta, José; Chiatchoua X, Cesaire; Andrade, Luis Antonio; Guadarrama Muñoz, Alma Cossette; Meneses Ruiz, Dulce Maria; Peralta, José Daniel; Márquez, Ian; Sánchez, Enrique; Matus, Edgar; Arellano, Diana (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2019-08)
      Based on the statistics provided by the IMSS, the number of jobs was not affected by the increase in the minimum wage of January 2019 The dynamics of job creation were also not affected by the salary increase, either at ...
    • Wage Gaps: wage rates for all employed in manufacturing 

      The Jus Semper Global Alliance; (Lasalle), Universidad La Salle;;3187538 (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2019-11)
      2019 ReportManufacturing wage gaps for Group of Seven (G7) large economies and other selected economies, including "emerging" economies with available wage and PPP data (1996-2017).