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    • Wage Gaps: wage rates for all employed in manufacturing 

      The Jus Semper Global Alliance; (Lasalle), Universidad La Salle;;3187538 (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2019-11)
      2019 ReportManufacturing wage gaps for Group of Seven (G7) large economies and other selected economies, including "emerging" economies with available wage and PPP data (1996-2017).
    • Welfare Basket 2020, background, comparison and methodological proposal 

      Márquez Olvera, Ian; Arellano Aceves, Diana; Jimenez Bandala, Carlos Alberto; Meneses Ruiz, Dulce Maria (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2020)
      Since of 2019, the International Observatory of Living Wages began the construction of a "Wellbeing Basket" as the set of goods and services to which an individual must have access with their purchasing power for their ...
    • What are we saying when we talk about Sustainability?: an ecological political proposal 

      Toledo Manzur, Victor Manuel (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2019-11)
      If you consider 1987 (the Brundtland Report) as the official beginning of the idea of sustainability, the term has made a brilliant journey of almost three decades and is still alive. In its evolution, it has become at the ...