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    • Wage Gaps: wage rates for all employed in manufacturing 

      The Jus Semper Global Alliance; (Lasalle), Universidad La Salle;;3187538 (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2019-11)
      2019 ReportManufacturing wage gaps for Group of Seven (G7) large economies and other selected economies, including "emerging" economies with available wage and PPP data (1996-2017).
    • Weighted Fuzzy Group Decision-making in Recruitment 

      Škoda, Michal; Brožová, Helena (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2020-01-31)
      This article deals with group decision making during recruitment of new employees. The importance of correct selection of a candidate during the recruitment is very easy to under-stand, but not so easy ...
    • Welfare Basket 2020, background, comparison and methodological proposal 

      Márquez Olvera, Ian; Arellano Aceves, Diana; Jimenez Bandala, Carlos Alberto; Meneses Ruiz, Dulce Maria (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2020)
      Since of 2019, the International Observatory of Living Wages began the construction of a "Wellbeing Basket" as the set of goods and services to which an individual must have access with their purchasing power for their ...
    • What are we saying when we talk about Sustainability?: an ecological political proposal 

      Toledo Manzur, Victor Manuel (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios, 2019-11)
      If you consider 1987 (the Brundtland Report) as the official beginning of the idea of sustainability, the term has made a brilliant journey of almost three decades and is still alive. In its evolution, it has become at the ...
    • Why and How the Italian Companies should increase their investment in Mexico 

      Tieri, Alberto (2015-07)
      The thesis is based on the hypothesis that companies placed in a country with an economic crisis like the European ones should invest in the emerging markets. In the specific, it is going to be analyzed the situation of ...
    • Why evasion is not recommended? a game theory model 

      Serrano Galán, Cintia Estefanía; Andrade Rosas, Luis Antonio (Universidad La Salle, Dirección de Posgrado e Investigación, 2017)
      The decision about tax declaration is a decision under uncertainty. The failure to report one´s full income to the government does not induce automatically to a penalty, it takes time, investigation, and extra costs. In ...
    • Women in top management positions: the case of the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute 

      Vera, Gonzalo (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios., 2020)
      We rarely question whether the current composition in which there is a predominance of men in top management positions generates benefits for organizations and for society. However, when it comes to women we seek to justify ...
    • Women occupancy in leadership positions 

      Muñoz Delgado, Denisse (Universidad La Salle, Facultad de Negocios., 2020)
      In recent years, the participation of women in leadership roles throughout the world has increased considerably. However, it is not representative if we compare it with the participation of men. By surveying current leaders ...
    • Workout Box, dispositivo cibernético para eficientar el aprovechamiento durante las rutinas de entrenamiento 

      Real Rico, Alejandro Moisés del (Universidad La Salle, Dirección de Posgrado e Investigación, 2019)
      La población adulta de México se sitúa en el segundo lugar en obesidad en el mundo, lo cual es un tema sumamente preocupante y que repercute directamente en el sector salud e indirectamente en el económico, lo anterior ...
    • El Zapoteco de Teotitlán del Valle como una propuesta intercultural para la revitalización de la Lengua Materna en otras culturas 

      González Castellanos, Dulce Paulina (Universidad La Salle, Dirección de Posgrado e Investigación, 2015)
      La lengua, ha sido desde su creación una capacidad única e inherente al ser humano, la cual ha representado desde su creación la mejor forma de expresión de la gran diversidad cultural que existe. Sin embargo, actualmente ...
    • Žižek, la rehabilitación de la política de la verdad, y la ideología 

      Hernández Vergara, Emilio (De La Salle ediciones, 2018-08-11)
      La presente investigación tiene como objetivo clarificar la propuesta filosófica y política de Slavoj Žižek, que consiste en un distanciamiento crítico respecto a la ideología. Para llegar a ella, primero tiene que esclarecer ...